by D. L Burnett

Dragons have few laws. The most important of these forbids harming any rare creature with Dragon-Fating. Those with this Power will change the course of Dragon destiny. Slaying one means disaster. So a cautious Dragon avoids them altogether. But a heedless Dragon cannot resist a small taste.




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Buy From: Amazon

THE MUSE by Sylvia Gilbertson

Bold and talented but capricious, portrait artist Ada Sutter has escaped an unpromising background to hone her craft in Florence, Italy. Bewitched by the beauty of Renaissance art, she labors to replicate the work of the Italian masters. She can duplicate any technique, but what she really seeks–the source, the wellspring of genuine inspiration–remains elusive. What’s worse, an expert tells her that her work is banal and derivative.

She’s ready to trade it all in for Italian babies and sex on the beach.


THE DIABETES MOTIVATION BOOK by Dr. Heidi BeckmanChange One Thing at a Time with the Science of Willpower

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I know exactly what I need to do to manage my diabetes, but I can’t make myself do it?” If so, this book is for you.

Dr. Beckman writes about the well-tested willpower techniques that enhance motivation. She writes about the process of change and helps you find the unique way that you can modify your diabetes habits, one habit at a time. Based on research from the field of health psychology, the techniques in this book have the power to transform the way you think and behave in relation to your diabetes and the power to ensure good self-care well into the future.

POCKET CHANGE by Dr. Heidi Beckman

Using the Science of Personal Change to Improve Financial habits

Getting better with money and achieving your financial goals do not happen through passive waiting, wishing for life to be different, or gimmicky quick-fixes that promise you instant wealth. Living a healthy financial life requires real personal change (or a pocket change, you might say!) Thankfully, behavioral scientists have uncovered the secrets of habit modification which have the power to convert your resolutions into action.


Dr. Heidi Beckman teaches readers how to use well-tested techniques from the field of psychology to build and sustain positive money habits. She covers topics that range from goal-setting and self-monitoring to personal efficacy and discipline. She also suggests how to design the social, psychological, and environmental context in which good habits will thrive. In this way, Dr. Beckman gives readers renewed energy for healthy money management well into the future.


CRIME IN ITS TIME by MJ JONES A Short story collection

Deceit is universal and murder has no permanent home. Both Al Capone and a medieval relic thief could understand them. So could lawyers, teenagers, union members, contract killers, and Home Economics teachers. With rich historical detail, the stories in Crime In Its Time range from England in the middle ages to Wisconsin in the present-day. They are seven tales of deceit and murder, past and present.






Dragon blood transforms Thorne from a farm girl into a Warrior Goddess. But she and her small band cannot defeat the Dwarf warriors, when they return to reclaim their ancient realm. Thorne must save her home and people, along with an orphaned baby Dragon she vowed to protect.





CLEAN TO THE BONE by Jan Levine Thal

A Cooper School Novel

Calinda Franklin’s new teaching job at an upstate New York private secondary school for worthy scholarship students seems idyllic, relieving her dire financial straits and burying her violent past. Yet dormant mysteries threaten the students’ safety and the future of the school. Callie’s complex journey to the truth puts her in the cross-hairs of a sociopath but even that proves less arduous than healing old emotional scars and opening herself to love.



FACE OF OUR FATHER by G. Egore Pitir

With photos of a ritual stoning proving that his reckless wife’s life is at stake, Captain Pierce sacrifices his honor—spying, stalking, even risking prison to protect her. But Angie doesn’t want protection. She wants justice, by any means fair or foul, and hunts Sala down…only to discover that he’s not the man she thought. Truth. Love. Life. All are at stake as the Pierces battle enemies from across the globe. But who, indeed what, is the real enemy?